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Press Release
January 26, 2010
Potest Corporation
CEO Hidetaka Togo

Potest Corporation
Unveiled Cat Page-a-Day Calendar application exclusively for iPhone/iPod touch.
This unique calendar application gives you a pleasure to manually flip the calendar each day, in other words, the calendar is not updated automatically. By flipping the calendar, you will witness an adorable kitten grow each and everyday. A perfect application for cat lovers. This also conveniently interfaces with Google Calendar.

Potest Corporation (CEO Hidetaka Togo/Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi Fukuoka prefecture, Japan) launched "A  Cat Page-a-Day Calendar, an application exclusively for iPhone/iPod touch, which is a flipping calendar interfaced with Google Calendar

The followings are some of the unique features of "Calennya", a cat page-a-day calendar application exclusively for iPhone/iPod touch.

■ Product/Services
This product is an iPhone/iPod touch-exclusive calendar application. What is unique about this calendar is that you manually flip the calendar everyday, as the calendar is not updated automatically.
Everyday, you will get excited to see what kind of a kitten's picture you are going to get.
Putting pictures of adorable kittens on your office desk should heal your tired soul on a daily basis.

This product is made sure to be practical as well by having Google calendar displayed at the same time..

This product is a calendar application which you can see a kitten grows day by day.
It contains approximately 200 pictures of a kitten aged from one month to nine months old.
The kitten is called Sasami, a curious male cat.
Treat him like your pet and enjoy watching him grow.

■ Features
・ Manually flip the calendar everyday while witnessing a kitten grows little by little.
・ Suitable for a practical use having Google Calendar displayed at the same time.
・ Various kinds of updates planned including additional pictures and new functions.

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