tento. is game for iPhone and iPod touch.

  • 12.14.2009 - Site open
  • 12.22.2009 - Release
  •  1.22.2010 - Bug Fixes Release
Game screen
How to play
It lights when it touches the ladybird and it scores.
The combo is generated if continuously touching. The acquisition point doubles.
The acquisition point is done by -10% when making a mistake.

Online high score ranking
Let's compete by all means by an online ranking by everyone.
A high score can be transmitted from the ranking screen at any time.

High score screen
When the name is input on the ranking screen, it is possible to transmit.
The score is overwrited by the last score.
Only the name is overwrited when transmitting last time after a high score is reset by a low score.

Screen shot
start playing result option
Start screen Playing screen Result screen Option screen