• 2.1.2010 - English site open
  • 1.26.2010 - Release

What is this?
This unique calendar application gives you a pleasure to manually flip the calendar each day. By flipping the calendar, you will witness an adorable kitten grow each and everyday.
Putting pictures of adorable kittens on your office desk should heal your tired soul on a daily basis.

You will get excited to see a new picture of the kitten everyday.
Digital calendar produces no paper waste after flipping the calendar, and can return to the current day when flipping too many.


Synchronizes with Google Calendar
You can set up Google Calendar to be displayed on your screen with the kitten photo.
<How to set-up>

Growth record calendar
The first calendar launched is a growth record calendar of a kitten.
It contains approximately 200 pictures of a kitten from one month to nine months old.
The kitten is called Sasami, a curious male cat.

Screen shots

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Cat page-a-day calendar
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  Title : Cat page-a-day calendar
Category : Lifestyle
Launch date : January 26, 2010
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Setting up Google calendar.
Follow the below steps.

Home   Cat calendar
Home - Settings - Cat calendar

Enter your Google account.

Synchronize Google Calendar with a standard calendar
You can update your schedule via the standard calendar equipped in iPhone/iPod touch.

Mail, Contacts, Calendars   Add Account...
Home - Settings - Mail, contacts, Calendars - Add Account...

Other   Add CalDAV Account
Other - Add CalDAV Account


Server :
User Name : Your Google Account
Password : Your Google password
Description : Google

The setting is completed.
Now try to add or edit your schedule.